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Tory Taranova is a Creative Producer, Production Supervisor, Writer, and Director based in Los Angeles, California, and born and raised in Texas. 


Breaking News

Tory Taranova wins two 2024 Telly Awards for Producing & Directing

The 2024 Telly Awards recently announced their winners and I am excited to share I won not one, but two Telly Awards! The Telly Awards annually showcases the best work created within television and across video, for all screens, with over 13,000 entries.

The wins were for:

 Facet "Work to Death" - Silver Telly for Branded campaign.

  • Production Company: Exit 14 Productions

  • Credit: Co-Writer, Co-Producer​​

Aussie Bubs - Silver Telly for Branded Product commercial

  • Production Company: Exit 14 Productions

  • Credit: Director, Writer, Co-Producer

Scroll below to check out the spots. Look out for behind-the-scenes content sharing how the campaigns were created coming June 2024!

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